The Dylan's Food Truck Story
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Once upon a time there were two foodies that really, really liked to cook and share food.  They spent years dreaming up ways to open some kind of a restaurant.  Sadly, they both had day jobs and other obligations.  That, and their total lack of real commercial kitchen experience, made a restaurant a tough sell. 

From early on, their younger brother, Bracy, suggested they try a catering truck.  Then one day they watched Food Truck Wars and decided that they, too, could do that.  They looked around for trucks and found… that they were expensive.  Like $65 grand.  Yikes!

A couple of months later, one afternoon while eating lunch with their foodie friends, they learned of a food truck for sale only four miles away. 

They went to look and found a really old truck with a fairly new kitchen inside.  Sure, who cared that every engine warning light was lit?  For a few thousand dollars this dog could have some fleas.

Some paint and elbow grease, a health department inspection and a peddler license later, Dylan's Downhome came to life and here we are! 

Come enjoy our take on American Southern food, from the tidewater region, down into low country, through the gulf, an on into east Texas. We're using traditional ingredients for real southern flavor. Dylan's does it right!

Bon Appétit, y'all!